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Welcome to Thailand Exclusive Properties listings page for Phuket properties and more. Here we offer our inventory of both Open and Exclusive Phuket properties and the surrounding areas.

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We bring more than 20 years of experience in the Phuket and Thailand markets bringing best practices and other broker partnerships.

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Phuket Properties Market

The current market trend in Phuket has become a Buyers Market due to several contributing factors relating to the strength of the baht, and the exodus of various ex-pats. Thai immigration tightening of financial requirements has led to many Westerners seeking better opportunities that fit their retirement budgets. Ironically, this too shall pass, as world economics go through typical trends. Nearly anyone you ask will confirm the long term outlook for Phuket, in general, is extremely high. Developments continue to expand, infrastructure continues to improve. A new breed of foreigner ex-pats is moving in, as the old guard moves out. Evolutionary cycles in economics occur everywhere, and Phuket is certainly not immune to them.


Phuket Properties

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